Welcome to Kaluga.Excellent place to start business in Russia.

Kaluga is currently one of the fastest growing regions in Russia. Founded in 1371 the city unites wealth of a cultural heritage and an intensive rhythm of modern business center. The distance between Kaluga and Moscow is 180 km.
Recent years Kaluga has got a wide reputation as a large automotive cluster. Such giants as Volkswagen, Volvo, Peugeot-Citroen, Bentler Automotive, Magna Technoplast have come to the region.
"Company RUS", LLC was founded in Kaluga in 1878. In 2013 we celebrate our 135 anniversary. This became possible due to the permanent attempt to evolution and high quality standards. "Company RUS" is a modern company focused on development and profitable collaboration with our clients and partners.
Kaluga holds a leading place in Russia by the rate of industrial growth, and "Company RUS" takes active part in region development. We continue projects in the premises rent area, selling land in industrial areas, in building multifunctional business center.

Premises rent. Warehouses and offices.

"Company RUS" offers offices for rent in the new business center in Kaluga. Business center is located in 10 minutes driving from city's centre, has own parking.
We offer warehouses and production areas. Warehouses with central heating, ceiling height up to 12 meters. Comfortable entrance and shipment areas.

  • offices from 50 up to 3600 m2
  • warehouses from 30 m2
  • total warehouses area more than 18,000 m2

Land for sale. Kaluga's industrial areas.

"Company RUS" offers ground areas for sale in prospective industrial areas in Kaluga.

  • Area in "Grabtsevo" technopark, 4.6 ha. Close to the Volkswagen plant.
  • Area on the right bank of the Oka river in "Kaluga-south" technopark, 2.9 ha. Close to the Volvo plant.
  • Area on the right bank of the Oka river, 1.5 ha.

All the areas have entrance, electrical supply network, gas, water, sewerage.

Contact us.

Our address: 248003, Russia, Kaluga, Boldin st., 57

Please, feel free to contact us any time by e-mail: contacts@ruskaluga.com